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On-line hemodiafiltration reduces the proinflammatory CD14+CD16+ monocyte-derived dendritic cells: A prospective, crossover study.


It is not known whether high convective transport may have a role in modulating the chronic inflammation of hemodialysis (HD) patients. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of on-line hemodiafiltration (OL-HDF) on proinflammatory peripheral monocytes: Percentage of CD14+CD16+ cells and their telomere length and spontaneous or bacterial DNA-induced production of cytokines (TNF-alpha and IL-6). In a prospective, crossover study, 31 patients who were on high-flux HD (HF-HD) were evaluated. Patients underwent the following sequence of treatments (4 mo each): HF-HD (basal), OL-HDF (period 1), HF-HD (period 2), OL-HDF (period 3), and HF-HD (period 4). The dialysis characteristics were similar in the two modalities; the only difference was a higher convective transport in the OL-HDF than in the HF-HD. All patients who were on OL-HDF periods showed a significantly lower number of CD14+CD16+ cells than on HF-HD (18.5 +/- 2.3 basal versus 13.6 +/- 2.9 period 1 and 13.9 +/- 2.3 period 3; P = 0.001). By contrast, HF-HD restored the number of CD14+CD16+ cells to the basal values (19.2 +/- 2.8 and 18.6 +/- 1.4, periods 2 and 4, respectively; NS). During OL-HDF periods, the reduction of CD14+CD16+ was paralleled by a decreased number of short telomere cells. Spontaneous or bacterial DNA-induced production of cytokines (TNF-alpha and IL-6) was increased in HF-HD as compared with OL-HDF. In conclusion, these results demonstrate that as compared with HF-HD, OL-HDF markedly reduces the number of proinflammatory CD14+CD16+ cells and the production of TNF-alpha and IL-6. Future studies are needed to assess the possible therapeutic effect of convective transport on chronic inflammation that is associated with HD.

Authors: Carracedo J, Merino A, Nogueras S, Carretero D, Berdud I, Ramirez R, Tetta C, Rodriguez M, Martin-Malo A, Aljama P:
Journal: J Am Soc Nephrol., 17(8):2315-2321
Year: 2006
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