Human Monocytes - CD14, CD16 - Ziegler-Heitbrock


CD14(++)CD16(+) monocytes but not total monocyte numbers predict cardiovascular events in dialysis patients


Migration of monocytes into the vessel wall contributes to the onset and progression of atherosclerosis. Because monocytes are a heterogeneous population, we determined potential associations between monocyte subsets and cardiovascular events in a prospective cohort of 94 dialysis patients followed for 35 months. The incidence of cardiovascular events and death measured by Kaplan-Meier plots and flow cytometric analysis of monocyte subsets showed that total leukocyte and monocyte numbers failed to predict event-free survival. Among monocyte subsets, a high CD14(++)CD16(+) monocyte number was associated with higher rates of cardiovascular events and death. In a multivariate proportional hazards model adjusted for classical cardiovascular risk factors, patients with CD14(++)CD16(+) monocyte numbers in the top quartile were at higher risk of cardiovascular events and death compared to patients in the lowest quartile. Our study suggests that the number of CD14(++)CD16(+) monocytes was independently associated with cardiovascular events and death in a high-risk population of dialysis patients.

Authors: Heine GH, Ulrich C, Seibert E, Seiler S, Marell J, Reichart B, Krause M, Schlitt A, Köhler H, Girndt M
Journal: Kidney Int., 73(5):622-629
Year: 2008
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